Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Heatley Saga ... my take.

Today my good friend and infinitely more talented blogged, JC of, speculated that Dany Healtey will be dealt before training camp. While I usually do not make it a habit to refute whatever is said on Senschirp, I do not think Heatley will be traded to a team waiting in the wings any time soon.

Dany Healtey produced his list of clubs he would go to and he has already nixed a trade, twice, to a club not on said list. Of the clubs that JC is reporting having some interest only one is on Dany's list; the San Jose Sharks. The asking price, however, is exceptionally high and I have already stated who I want to see coming back from the Sharks... I doubt it is the same as Bryan Murray, but who knows.

I fully believe with the Olympics looming Dany is looking to be motivated in any market. He wants to make that team and Yzerman will unlikely take a prima donna who tries to sit out. Count on Heatley being at camp and showing up to open with the Senators, but I wouldn't go too far past November when clubs realize that they want Heatley. Why? If a club truly wanted Heatley and knew that the Oilers already put up their best offer, they would be going out of their way to acquire him with better deals. It's just that simple.

However, Murray needs to sign Elliott after trading Auld and there is a matter of cap hit. In order to get under the cap either Chris Kelly or Jason Smith have to go. There has been a lot of talk online about Christoph Schubert in the mix with Smith and Kelly for getting traded out of Ottawa, but that remains to be seen. As it stands, those three names keep coming up if Heatley is going to remain an Ottawa Senator for at least part of the season...

Sorry JC. We usually see eye to eye. I just don't see a club caring until they know Dany wants to and can play on a team again.


Joshua Lind said...

Well, I hope he's gone soon. He's a great player, but if he doesn't want to play in Ottawa, it can't be good for the team.

Sens19 said...

Even though I agree there's probably a huge possibility that he comes back next season I really don't want him back. He will have to create some sort of drama in the dressing room, even if the players and coaches are fine with him the media will never let it go. And after the last 2 seasons, we really don't need this kind of attention